I'm Not Sure Who I Am, But I've Got $2.85!, 60”x36”, 2019

Operator. Operator. Will You Listen To Me?, 48”x36”, 2019

Garish. Multicolored. Still Blaring Out The Music, 48”x36”, 2019

Untitled, 22"x22", 2019

,Z.mklafwe[ije’a, 24”x24”, 2019

Nitrogen Cycle Painting, 48”x48”, 2018

Is It Gargoyle Season Already?, 60”x48”, 2018

Is' gdkl adgik kladfg, 60”x60”, 2018

Whiskey-Two-Tango, This Is Echo-Four-Romeo, Over, 48”x48”, 2018

Daniel, You Forgot To Turn Off The Stove AGAIN, 48”x48”, 2018